Bill Eason

Chairman of the Board

Graduating with a degree in Chemistry in 1970 proved to be too confining for me.  Encouraged by John Strickland of Egypt Farms in Maryland, I returned to the outdoors to join Dad’s new venture of supplying kiln dried soils to the turf industry. This evolved into the need for wetting agents applied to the heated hydrophobic soils.  Thus, my chemistry background became useful.  In 1985, we began offering Aqua Aid chemistry to turf customers.  My continued goal has been to provide the solutions to agronomic problems that will ultimately prove beneficial to the turf industry.  These 45 years have been both challenging and rewarding.  The friendships established are truly appreciated. At AQUA-AID, I have been blessed with a team above all others.  I am especially grateful for the love and support my wife, Priscilla, has shared with me for 46 years.  She is my rock and soulmate.  May I be remembered as a positive influence to family, friends and the industry.  If in town on the weekend, join me for breakfast and ballgames with the 10 grandkids.

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