Stacie Jones

Accounting Manager

I began my time in the accounting side of the turf industry in 2013 after being involved in tax preparation after college and then 12 years as a stay at home mom to my three children.  I was attracted to the turf industry because of the people that work at AQUA-AID. Their work ethic, integrity, and desire to help people drew me to the industry.  On any given Saturday morning you will most likely find me on a baseball or softball field.  We are a sports family and really enjoy spending time together on the field.  One unique thing about me is that I have a twin sister. It’s fun to confuse people and I usually have a lot of strangers waving at me but I just wave back because I know that they think I am her.  The legacy that I would like to leave is “Stacie never got over what Jesus had done for her.”  I want the truth of what Jesus did for me to affect everything about my life from the way I do my job, to the way I treat people, and to the decisions that I make.

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