Injectable Acidifying Penetrant

General Details

pHlow-ject is an injectable soil acidifier designed to lower the pH of the soil solution and enhance the infiltration of water applied through irrigation systems. pHlow-ject is a blend of soil wetting agents combined with a unique blend of acidifying agents and is compatible with all conventional irrigation systems. Follow instructions and technical information from equipment manufacturers. pHlow- ject will not harm turfgrass when used according to label directions.

  • Lowers pH resulting from poor water quality
  • Improves soil and irrigation water quality
  • Increases water infiltration and penetration
  • Increases soil moisture uniformity
  • Reduces run off and evaporation of fertility treatments
  • Improves drainage
  • Money back guarantee

Application Rates

Golf and Sports Turf

Inject 1 to 2 quarts per acre (3 to 5 L/ha) at 7 day intervals or as needed.



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