Vermicompost Organic Liquid Extract

General Details

From golf courses and city parks to school grounds and athletic fields, there is as broad a range of turf management practices as there are uses for the turf itself. The one element that is universally important regardless of management practices or turf use is healthy soil.

Turf Power is a vermicompost extract that strengthens the physical and biological aspects of soil to improve overall soil health. Improved soil health increases vigor and strength of plants for better stress tolerance. Turf Power delivers a robust and diverse microbial population which aids in enhancing soil fertility. Turf Power is an effective biostimulant that accelerates root initiation, establishment, and development while encouraging nutrient uptake.

Turf Power has been awarded peer-reviewed research grants from State and Federal Agricultural Agencies and this research has demonstrated Turf Power produces stronger, healthier, and more vigorous plants. Turf Power is produced in a tightly controlled environment from beginning to end to ensure a consistent reliable product.

• Enhances availability and uptake of plant nutrients
• Viable source of macro and micro nutrients
• Increases water holding capacity of soil
• Reduces watering frequency
• Surface runoff will not contaminate water supply
• Accelerates root initiation and development
• Encourages pore development in native soils
• Money back guarantee

Application Rates

Turf Power can be applied to all ornamental plants, trees, turf, lawns, landscape shrubs, and flowers.

Golf, Lawns, and Sports Turf
Maintenance Rate
Apply as a soil spray at 8 ounces per 1,000 ft² in 2 gallons of water (25 L/ha in 800 L) at 15 day intervals or as needed.

Thatch Reduction Rate
To aid in thatch reduction, apply as a soil spray at 16 ounces per 1,000 ft² in 2 gallons of water (50 L/ha in 800 L) at 30 day intervals.

For best results, Turf Power requires season long application programs.

Ornamental Application
Apply as a foliar spray at 1 ounce per gallon (8 ml/L) weekly throughout the growing season.



Turf Power Research

Utilizing Phenotype Screening Corporations’ technology, Dr. Brosnan provides a precise look into Turf Power’s effect on Poa annua root area, total root length, and root distribution by depth.

Evaluation Time Frame:
Winter 2019

University of Tennessee

Dr. Jim Brosnan, Professor, University of Tennessee and Phenotype Screening Corporation (PSC) collaborated to evaluate the effects of Turf Power on annual bluegrass (Poa annua) rooting. The collaboration provided a new and innovative way to evaluate rooting through the use of Phenotype Screening Corporations’ induced-expression phenotyping. In 2004, PSC pioneered induced-expression phenotyping, the comparative study of how agricultural products affect plant development utilizing X-ray technology. Dr. Brosnan utilizing PSC’s advanced technology has provided the turfgrass industry a precise look into Turf Power’s effect on Poa annua:

  • Projected Root Area
  • Total Root Length
  • Root Distribution by Depth

Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) plants were grown from seed in an artificial rootzone profile. A Complete Nutrient Solution* was applied to all plants throughout the entire evaluation and served as a control. Turf Power was fertigated at an 8.5% solution to half of the samples. After 88 days of exposure both the control and Turf Power treated plants were evaluated utilizing PSC technology.

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