Enhanced Calcitic Limestone

General Details

Calcitic limestone combined with thCa™, an organic complexing agent, converts insoluble calcium compounds to soluble and available calcium. This allows for greater delivery of calcium to the exchange sites on the soil colloid. VERDE-CAL contains Aqua-Aid penetrant which synergizes with thCa, providing uniform nutrient movement into the entire soil profile.

  • 500 pounds will yield results equivalent to 1 ton of typical lime
  • Reduces hydrogen, sodium, and chlorine in the plant and soil
  • Improves germination, stimulates root growth, and enhances microbial activity
  • Increases essential nutrient absorption and translocation
  • Improves soil structure (flocculation, water infiltration)
  • Supplies optimum calcium levels to plant cells to strengthen the plant’s resistance to disease
  • Balances the Ca/N ratio in the plant
  • Quicker response at lower rates
  • Requires 1/4 the rate of standard lime per application

Application Rates

To maintain optimum pH and growing conditions, apply VERDE-CAL at 5 pounds per 1,000 ft2or 220 pounds per acre (250 kg per hectare) at least twice per growing season, or as needed. Soil test recommendations should be used to determine liming needs.

To adjust pH, apply VERDE-CAL at 10 pounds per 1,000 ft2 or 435 pounds per acre (500 kg per hectare), or as needed. In most soils this will raise the soil pH up to one full point. Retest and reapply, if needed, at this rate.

Understanding thCa™

The Value of thCa™

– Allows you to apply 1/4 the product than typical Gypsum or Limestone products.

– Makes Calcium (Ca) available now when not 2 – 3 years from now.

– Goes into the soil to make bound-up, unavailable Calcium (Ca) available to the plant.



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