One Pass Soil Amendment Incorporation

Over the past 70 years Imants has developed and offered rotary spaders with working depths up to 50” and working widths from 3’ to 20’ specifically for agricultural and horticulture. With a working width of 7’ and a working depth of 6” to 13”, the Imants RotoSpader is designed for the turfgrass market. The RotoSpader enables incorporation or homogeneous blending of organics, compost, or soil amendments throughout the root zone mix in a simple one-step pass. The spading action of the RotoSpader does not destroy natural soil aggregation. This spading helps to increase the air and water porosity of the soil while creating a level and consolidated seed bed ready for seeding.


  • One pass soil amendment incorporation
  • Creates a homogenous soil blend
  • Preserves and enhances resulting soil structure over conventional Roto-tilling
  • Increases the soil aeration porosity and internal drainage structure
  • Provides level, consolidated seed bed
RotoSpader 2.1
Working CapacityUp to 1.5 acre/hr
Working Width83″
Transport Width98″
Weight (approx)2,505 lbs
Hub Spacing13 1/4″
Blade Spacing8″
Number of Blades24
Power Requirement60 – 75 hp

Tractor Requirement – 540 pto, 4-wheel drive, • Refer to individual tractor specifications for lifting capacity
Operation Speed – 0.5 – 2 mph

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