Soil Hydrating Surfactant with Organic Acid Redistribution System

General Details

OARS HS , Soil Hydrating Surfactant, is a combination of the university researched, field proven, and patented organic acid redistribution system, OARS, and multi-branched hydrating chemistry.  OARS HS controls soil water repellency while providing uniform soil moisture and increased soil moisture retention.

  • Increases number of hydrating sites
  • Multi-branched hydrating soil surfactant
  • Increased length of activity in soil
  • Loosens and redistributes humic coatings from hydrophobic soil particles

Application Rates

Apply 4-5 ounces per 1,000 ft2 (13-16 L per hectare) every 30 days.  After an initial 5 ounce (16 L) application, drought conditions can be best managed by applying 2-2.5 ounces per 1,000 ft2 (6-8 L per hectare) every 15 days.

For extreme drought conditions with high temperatures and/or increased soil water repellency, apply 6-8 ounces per 1,000 ft2 (20-25 L per hectare) every 30 days.



OARS HS Research

Evaluation of two commercially available wetting agents on soil moisture management

Evaluation Time Frame:
March 18, 2017 to July 14, 2017, 119 Days

Penn State University

Joseph E. Valentine Turfgrass Research Center

Trials were conducted on a fairway with a soil consistency of 70% Sand and 30% soil.  Two applications were made at label recommendations of OARS HS – Regenerating Multi-Branch Surfactant at 2 applications at 5 oz per 1000 square feet.   Compared to 2 applications made to same fairway area of Industry leading modified/methyl – caped block copolymer surfactant at 2 applications at 6 oz per 1000 square feet.

Evaluation of OARS HS Regenerating Branched Surfactant and Industry Leading Modified/Methyl-Caped Block Copolymer Turf Surfactant on Soil Moisture Management of an L-93 Creeping Bentgrass Fairway Grown on a 70/30 Construction Mix.  Target moisture rate was desired at 22% Volumetric Water Content, Rewetting of the matrix occurred once 15% Volumetric Water Content was measured. Both measurements were completed using a Spectrum TDR 300 Moisture meter.  The dry down was initiated on May 19, 2017.

OARS HS pots required 48% less water than the control pots maintained at 22% VWC.

48% less water is equivalent to 1,925,000 gallons of savings for 25 acres of fairways in an 8 week period.
OARS HS outperformed the industry leading surfactant for saving water by 23.4% and required less watering cycles than the control.


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