Industry leading fraise mower

The Imants KORO FTM with the patented CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor is the industry leading fraise mower. The FTM will remove unwanted surface matter such as Poa annua, thatch, weeds, or the entire surface to a depth of 2”. A side conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer leaving a level and even surface. The FTM 1.2 and FTM 1.6 are designed and built for fine turf applications such as golf courses, sports fields, and small turf areas. An optional mid-mounted roller can be used for more aggressive undulations. The FTM 2.0 and FTM 2.5 are designed for maximum efficiency for sports fields and sod farms. All FTM models can be fitted with CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor, Terraplane® rotor, Scarifying rotor, or Digging rotor.

CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor are covered under US Patents
US Patents: US9,730,372; US9,820,422; US10,045,472
US Patent Applications: US15/646,668; US16/034,979

FTM 1.2FTM 1.6FTM 2.0FTM 2.5
Working Width47″63″79″98″
Transport Width80″90″100″120″
Weight w/ CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ Rotor1,746 lbs1,951 lbs2,987 lbs3,329 lbs
Working Depth0″ – 2″0″ – 2″0″ – 2″0″ – 2″
No. of CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ Blades121 (3/8″)161 (3/8″)202 (3/8″)252 (3/8″)
No. of CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ Finesse Blades121 (1/8″ or (3/16″)161 (1/8″ or (3/16″)202 (1/8″ or (3/16″)252 (1/8″ or (3/16″)
No. of Terraplane Blades36486075
No. of Scarifying Blades68 (1/16″ or 1/8″)92 (1/16″ or 1/8″)112 (1/16″ or 1/8″)144 (1/8″ or (3/16″)
No. of Digging Blades40 (20 LH, 20 RH)52 (26 LH, 26 RH)64 (32 LH, 32 RH)80 (40 LH, 40 RH)
Power Requirement35 – 55 hp45 – 65 hp70 – 90 hp90 – 120 hp

Tractor Requirement – 540 pto, creep gear or hydrostatic drive required, 2 x double acting spool, 13.2 gpm min. hydraulic flow
Operation Speed – CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE® rotor: 0.3 to 2.5 mph, CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ finesse rotor and Scariyng rotor: 0.3 to 3.7 mph, Terraplane rotor and Digging rotor: 0.3 to 1.2 mph

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