Turf-Fix Seeder

Compact disc seeder

The Vredo Turf-Fix is a super compact, accurate, and efficient disc seeder designed for inter-seeding into prepared seedbeds or existing stands of turf. At an approximate spacing of 1 1/2”, seed is placed in a V-shaped slit at a controllable depth of 3/16” to 1” deep, directly in contact with the soil for maximum germination rate. The Turf-Fix includes precision calibration and a ground driven system allowing inter-seeding to be completed with a small utility vehicle. Seed will be accurately sown at a set rate independent of ground speed.

• Industry leading germination rate
• Minimal surface disruption – no clean up needed
• Proper seed to soil contact to maximize germination
• Super compact design ideal for small areas

DZ 206.035T Seed
Working Width25″
Transport Width33″
Weight (approx)543 lbs
Max. Recommended Weights (front)4 (44 lbs per wgt)
Max. Recommended Weights (rear)8 (44 lbs per wgt)
Sowing Depth3/16″ – 1″
Row Spacing1 3/8″
Disc Diameter6″
No. of Disc Sets18
Seed Hopper Volume2 cu. ft.

Operation Speed – 0.3 – 7 mph

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