Turf Buddy Seeder

Super Compact walking disc seeder

Vredo Turf Buddy is a quick and easy way to repair thinning or damaged turf areas using the precision cutting and delivery system of the renowned Vredo. At an approximate spacing of 1-3/8”, seed is placed in a V-shaped slit at a controllable depth of 3/16” to 1” deep, directly in contact with the soil for maximum germination rate. Vredo Turf Buddy offers an industry leading 96% germination rate, minimal surface disruption while placing seed directly in contact with the soil in a compact design ideal for small areas.

• Industry leading germination rate
• Minimal surface disruption – no clean up needed
• Proper seed to soil contact to maximize germination
• Super compact design ideal for small areas

Turf Buddy
Working Width6″
Transport Width (L x W x H)24″ x 9″ x 20″
Seed Hopper Volume0.8 gallon
Seeder Empty108 lbs (Seeder + Weight)
Recommended Weights1 – 44 lbs
Row Spacing1 3/8″
Disc Diameter6″
No. of Disc Sets4
Power RequirementWalking

Operation Speed – Walking speed

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