ShockWave Xtreme

Heavy-duty linear decompactor

Why a ShockWave Xtreme?

Imants invented the ShockWave in the late seventies with the goal of providing some form of tillage while leaving the top surface undisturbed. The target market was mainly for fine turf on sports fields and golf courses. As a world leader in rotary spaders, Imants took step towards designing a machine like a rotary spader but with slicing knives instead of digging blades. After some intense development, a new machine was born. It was astonishing to see what impact this new design had on soil decompaction.

In the years that followed, heavier and more durable machines were developed with greater working depths. The design and performance of the ShockWave drew the attention of competitors but “is often imitated, never duplicated”! As the originators of the Rotary decompactor, Imants developed a central drive gearbox which is a main advantage on maintenance and durability of the ShockWave.

Imants sells machines all over the world and these machines are used in very harsh conditions such as heavily compacted soils. Heavily compacted soils benefit greatly from the use of the ShockWave. Since contractors tend to use larger tractors with more horsepower, a void was filled by designing a machine capable of handling higher horsepower. This development from Imants called the ShockWave Xtreme is a 9 foot wide unit with the capability of working with tractors up to 160 horsepower.

The Imants ShockWave Xtreme is a linear decompactor designed to both maintain proper soil porosity and bulk density during the growing season and revitalize heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration, and removing surface water. At a working depth of 6” to 13”, the ShockWave Xtreme provides maximum surface decompaction with minimal surface disruption. The wide 9 foot working width and up to 1.9 mph operating speed makes the ShockWave Xtreme the ideal choice for sod farms, polo fields, park districts, contractors and anyone maintaining large turf areas.


  • Reduces bulk density
  • Minimal surface disruption
  • Increases soil’s ability to move water
  • Increases aeration
  • Excellent for maintaining large turf areas
ShockWave Xtreme 2.75
Working Width108″
Transport Width118″
Working Depth6″ – 13″
Weight (approx)5,093 lbs
Blade Spacing11″
Blade Width5/8″
Number of Blades30
Power Requirement110 – 150 hp

Tractor Requirement – 1000 pto. Creep gear or hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive recommended • Refer to individual tractor specifications for lifting capacity
Operation Speed – 0.3 – 2 mph

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