Improve Irrigation Water, Soil Penetration and Hydration

General Details

By pre-treating irrigation waters with Aqua-Carbon, carbonates and bicarbonates are converted to highly-soluble and organically-rich lignosulfonate salts, which stabilize soil pH and serve as a source of nutrition for soil microbes. Using Aqua-Carbon can increase readily available calcium and organic sulfur to soils.

  • Lowers the pH of irrigation water
  • Increases infiltration of applied water
  • Softens seed coat for germination
  • Minimizes scale formation in drip irrigation lines

Application Rates

Apply 3-5 ounces per 1000 ft2 (10-16 L per hectare) weekly.

Inject 1-1.5 gallons per acre (10-16 L per hectare) weekly.



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