Heavy-duty linear decompactor


The Imants ShockWave is a linear decompactor designed to both maintain proper soil porosity and bulk density during the growing season and revitalize heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water. At a working depth of 4 1⁄2” to 10” or 15” depending on the model, the ShockWave provides maximum surface decompaction with minimal surface disruption. The ShockWave is reputed to be the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary, linear decompactor. All ShockWave models feature a no-chains, direct drive design, and maintenance free “sealed for life” bearings. The ShockWave features overload protection by a torque limiting PTO shaft.

• Reduces bulk density
• Increases soil’s ability to move water
• Increases aeration

Model 155Model 210Model 220Model 275
Working Width61″83″87″109″
Transport Width69″89″97″119″
Working Depth4 1/2″ – 10″4 1/2″ – 10″4 1/2″ – 15″4 1/2″ – 15″
Weight (approx)1,356 lbs1,491 lbs2,954 lbs3,527
Blade Spacing10″10 1/4″10 7/8″10 7/8″
Blade Width1/2″1/2″5/8″5/8″
Number of Blades18242430
Power Requirement30 – 60 hp45 – 60 hp70 – 120 hp90 – 120 hp

Tractor Requirement – 540 pto. Creep gear or hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive recommended • Refer to individual tractor specifications for lifting capacity
Operation Speed – 0.3 – 1.5 mph

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