Rotor options for the FTM

There is only ONE patented CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ Rotor

Fraise mowing natural grass utilizing the CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ rotor achieves excellent surface hygiene without damaging rhizomes and stolons. The CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ rotor will extend the life of your natural grass surface by managing organic matter levels, removing weed seeds, and increasing the tinsel strength of your existing stand.

When the fraise mowing application is completed on hybrid playing surfaces, the CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ rotor will not damage the fibers. Fraise mowing on hybrid surfaces allows turf professionals to maintain the original quality of the surface.

Research and testing on different sports turf and grasses, to see how long the recovery time was in different situations, lead to the development of different thicknesses of CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ blades. 3/16” and 1/8” blades were developed for CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ finesse mowing, which will deliver a more refined finish. The working depth of the rotors can be set with infinite precision.

All three blades can be used on natural turf and both cool and warm season grasses for finesse mowing or CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ fraise mowing.


  • Remove organic debris from hybrid / semi-synthetic turf
  • Modern fraise mowing on warm and cool season grasses
  • Tungsten tipped blades for increased durability

Terraplane Rotor

  • Accurate planning of surface down to 2″ depth
  • Unrivaled surface hygiene for a clean smooth surface
  • Tungsten faced blades for increased durability and reduced down-time

Scarifying Rotor

  • For conventional scarifying and verticutting
  • Available with the 1/16″ or 1/8″ tungsten tipped blades
  • Includes adjustable brush strips for increased surface hygiene

Digging Rotor

  • Original digging blade for fraise mowing and surface removal
  • Suitable in lower quality turf areas
  • Ideal for stripping prior to re-turfing


CAMPEY™ UNIVERSE™ rotor are covered under US Patents
US Patents: US9,730,372; US9,820,422; US10,045,472
US Patent Applications: US15/646,668; US16/034,979

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