Recycling Dresser™

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Heavy-duty aerator and root zone recycler

The Imants KORO Recycling Dresser is a heavy-duty aerator and root zone recycler. The Recycling Dresser aerates vertically and horizontally, removes the underlying soil from the root zone, and redistributes soil as a topdressing across the playing surface. This vertical and horizontal aeration mitigates layering and compaction, increases biological activity, and allows for better utilization of existing fertilizers in the soil. The Recycling Dresser reduces the amount of new topdressing required, thus saving labor and material costs as well as promoting sustainable maintenance. The Recycling Dresser is best used on loamy to sandy soils.

• Mitigates layering and compaction
• Reduces time and labor over traditional cultural practices
• Recycles current root zone, saving on topdressing required

RD 1900
Working Width75″
Transport Width87″
Weight (approx)2,881 lbs
Working Depth0.5″ – 7″
Blade Spacing11 7/8″
Blade Thickness5/16″
Number of Blades24
Power Requirement45 – 90 hp

Tractor Requirement – 540 pto. Creep gear or hydrostatic drive, 4-wheel drive recommended, • Refer to individual tractor specifications for lifting capacity
Operation Speed – 0.3 – .75 mph

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