Linear disc-aerator

The Imants RotoKnife is a versatile and effective linear disc-aerator. The RotoKnife is designed to relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reduce thatch buildup and remove surface water. By eliminating a PTO drive, the RotoKnife is fast across the surface and a versatile root zone management tool. The disc rotor shaft can be set in five different positions offering flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing deep slitting to a depth of 6”, or shallow slitting at 2” spacing. The RotoKnife can even be used as a surface smoothing roller.

• Minimal surface disruption
• Increases soil’s ability to move water
• Increases aeration
• Excellent for managing thatch and black layer

Working Width71″
Transport Width89″
Weight (approx)1,774 lbs
Working Depth3/8″ – 6″
Disc Diameter8″ slit and spiker discs, 18″ slit discs
Disc Spacing2″ , 4″ , 12″
Disc Thickness3/16″ slit and spiker discs
Number of Discs35 spiker, 17 x 8″, 6 x 18″
Power Requirement30 – 45 hp

Tractor Requirement – Cat 1 three-point hitch, 4-wheel drive recommended • Refer to individual tractor specifications for lifting capacity
Operation Speed – 0.3 – 12 mph

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