One pass soil modification system

The Imants QuickDrain is an attachment for the new style RootPruner that creates a one pass soil modification system ideal for small ancillary areas on golf courses, sports fields, and small turf areas. The QuickDrain attachment improves drainage and enhances the properties of the root zone by introducing dry sand to a depth of 7” at spacing of 11”. The QuickDrain attachment must be removed if using the RootPruner for the more traditional function of cutting roots.


  • One pass soil modification system
  • Increases the ability of soil to move water
  • Quick and minimally disruptive process for improving drainage
Working Width11″
Transport Width35″
Working Depth7″
Weight (approx)1,323 lbs – 1,620 lbs (full hopper)
Blade Spacing11″
Blade Thickness5/8″
Number of Coulters2
RootPruner ModelMUST have new model of RootPruner

Sand Requirement – Dry sand only
Operation Speed – 0.3 – 0.75 mph

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