Sam Green


I started in the turf industry in 1991 as a field manager at Virginia Tech University while attending college.  I chose to intern at Harbor Town Golf Links in Hilton Head Island SC in the early 90’s and decided the golf turf side was more suited to me at that time.  The golf boom was happening and it seemed that you could work as an Assistant Superintendent for 4 years and then land your own course as Superintendent pretty easily in those days.  My break in the business came when I went to work for Paul R Latshaw in 1994 at Congressional Country Club. A friend by the name of Joe Vuknic had put me in touch with Mr. Latshaw and after graduating I went to work on the crew at Congressional.  In late 1995 I became the Assistant Superintendent at Congressional and went on to be involved with the 1997 US Open.  I stayed on the Superintendent side of the business for most of my career, managing many top properties in the Southeast US with my final stint being at Eagle Point Golf Club in Wilmington NC.  I’ve had two stints in the sales side with the latest being my current position with AQUA-AID.  My attraction to the turf industry came from my farming background growing up.  I enjoyed being outside and operating equipment.  I am an early riser and really enjoy the mornings outside and I loved the chess game with Mother Nature that every turf manager battles.  I still tell people today that in the Agronomic business, Mother Nature is either your best friend or your worst enemy, and can be both in the same hour.

On a Saturday morning you can find me with my wife and my 13 year old son doing something fun together away from work.  This clears my mind and my son is getting into golf, so it has allowed me the opportunity to work on my game again. Something people may not know about me is that I love to cook and perform most of the cooking duties in my household when I am home.  It allows me to be creative in a unique way that gets my mind completely out of its normal “zone”. It is relaxation at its best.  The legacy I would like to leave is to be known as someone who helped people.  In all walks of life I believe the good Lord put you here on earth to help fellow human beings.  As I have grown older I have realized this more than ever.  I obviously like helping turf managers to solve problems and see how people produce conditions in a variety of ways and methods.  It is a great learning experience to be able to travel and listen.  I also enjoy helping people who are struggling in life and seeing how the blessings that I have been given can help someone turn their life around. It’s powerful being able to help people in all walks of life.